Required Reiding--the Erica Edition

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(With all due respect to my brother's blog of the same name.)

I have a really hard time reading books. I generally can't stay focused on more than a paragraph (who I am kidding--a sentence) at a time, and often I find that I have "read" the same page for long periods of time over and over, yet have not idea what words were on the page. Reading comprehension has always been a problem for me, and after losing Dad and Mom's getting sick, I really have a hard time caring about anything on the printed page, no matter what it is.

Now that things are relatively calmer, I am finding that it is good to occupy my mind and hands with something stimulating or crafty. Therefore, I am going to try to start reading the books I have been meaning to read for the last few years and finish the ones that I have started but then put down. I am printing them here so I can be held accountable for them, and I'll keep you posted on my progess.

More Information Than You Require by John Hodgman- I've been reading this book for a while now, the sequel to The Areas of My Expertise, which is the funniest book I have ever read. This one is moving a little slower for me, but I am starting to get my groove going, and I hope to finish it soon.

Necessary Luxuries, Notes on a Semi-Fabulous Life
by Topher Payne-- True life essays written by my dear sweet hilarious Topher about his life and friends in Atlanta. I've listened to the audio cd which is selections from the book, and it is absolutely wonderful. I know that it will make me cry and laugh out loud at the same time. I can't wait to read it.

Sunbathing in a Body Cast by Rebecca Rine-Stone--Look at all my talented friends! My BF Rebecca has been writing her memoirs over the last several years about growing up and living life--I have been lucky enough to read a lot of these essays already and they are wonderful; again--hilarious and heart wrenching. I am going to pick up a copy at her book release party in March, and set aside some quiet time to read this.

Suck your Stomach In and Put Some Color On by Shellie Rushing Tomlinson--I bought this book on the way out of town in Vicksburg last year at Lorelei Books. So far it is great, but it is one that didn't keep my interest for long due to my fragile mental state. I love me some good Southern Witticism, though, so I know I will enjoy it.

There's a (Slight) Chance I Might Be Going to Hell by Laurie Notaro--Another one I've started but not finished. I love her non-fiction, so I need to give this novel another shot.

Being Dead is No Excuse: The Official Southern Ladies Guide To Hosting the Perfect Funeral by Gayden Metcalfe--This was given to me as a wedding present from my cousins Barry and Jennifer, but I haven't yet read it (oops). Erica and I have talked at length about how there needs to be a realistic and non-stressful book about dealing with loss and funeral planning and how this book might be the closest thing to it. Maybe we just need to write one.

Mississippi Sissy by Kevin Sessums--another one that I have started and not finished, my friend Sabra gave this to me a few years ago for my birthday because it got great reviews and she is convinced that I know everyone in Mississippi. Ironically, I met the author on a visit home once while at the Attic Gallery.

Wow. Guess who loves that she is from the South, huh?
What else...

Conversations with Choreographers
by Dorothy Daniels Lister & Svetlana McLee Grody --Fuzzy got this for me a couple years ago. I forgot where I heard about it, but it is so interesting to read about famous choreographer's processes and inspirations.

This is Not the Life I Ordered: 50 Ways to Keep Your Head Above Water When Life Keeps Dragging You Down by Deborah Collins Stephens, Michealene Cristini Risley, Jackie Speier, Jan Yanehiro --I picked up this book at Flourish Studios on a whim last year, and it was a huge help in finding motivation to give going in times of struggle. I have only one chapter left to go--maybe I should knock this one out first.

Transcending Loss by Ashley Davis Prend--Yeah, this one is pretty self-explanatory. I started it, but didn't get too far.

What it Is by Lynda Barry--This was a present from Fuzzy last year after I expressed my desire to write more. Part art project, part workbook, i definitely want to spend some time with this.

Coal Miner's Daughter by Loretta Lynn--Holy Moly, I didn't even know we had this book until last week! Since it is one of my all time favorite movies (what, you haven't seen it?! It is soooo goooood,) I am sure I will enjoy the book.

Born Standing Up by Steve Martin--I love autobiographies and I love Steve Martin, so there you go.

Wow--I have a lot ahead of me don't I? I'd better get to reading!!!

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Hey Erica,

You popped up on my Google Alerts, and since you're Erica and mentioned Miner, i thought I'd drop a line. As if you didn't have enough to read already, I'd love it if you would check out my new book coming out next month, FourEver Friends ( Let me know what you think!