Blah Blah Blabber


1. I am feeling better, but still not 100%. I am in the sneezy phase of the cold, where my nose is really raw and I sneeze every few minutes. But--I am better, and that's what counts!

2. Holy Moly, I found this recipe for Irish Car Bomb cupcakes on Katie's site, and now I am obsessed. I think I might have to make them for a certain occasion in April.

3. Fuzzy and I recently discovered the beauty of On Demand movies and last night we watched Step Up 2 and Oceans 13. Both were pretty great, but Step Up 2 was especially exciting because of brief appearances by Rainen from Jabbawockeez and Shorty from Beat Freakz and the dreamy Will Kemp as the school director. (I must point out that I used to have a photo of Will Kemp from his Gap campaign at my desk at the Goodman, but I only recognized him in the movie when he started dancing.)

4. Speaking of being a dance nerd, I get excited when we see these dancers we've gotten to know over the years on these tv shows (I recently freaked out at a glimpse of Comfort from So You Think You Can Dance in a hip hop video on MTV), and I also am relieved when I see choreographers using moves in multiple dances. Power choreographers Tabitha and Napoleon used a move in America's Best Dance Crew's opening dance on Thursday (about 1min 52 seconds in) that they used in last season's SYTYCD (at about 2 min 59 sec.)

5. I bought some new music on iTunes yesterday: the new Sigur Ros Album, T.I. and Rihanna's Live your Life, and Sara Bareilles's Love Song. I have been listening to the last song on repeat for about an hour.

6. I guess it snowed again this weekend, but I haven't left my house. It's been a good weekend--I've gotten a lot done and gotten lots of rest, too. But now, that laundry's not going to put away itself. Darn.

7. The Oscars are tonight, but I don't know if we are going to watch them. Though it would be a good reason to drink a bottle of champagne.

8. Who am I kidding? Since when do you need a reason to drink a bottle of champagne?


Dude, that is the absolute most gorgeous photo of you ever (aside from your wedding!)!!! That is SO you! God, you're beautiful! Love you!

my sneezes always come before the cold.

Glad you are getting over the worst part of it!