Best. Photo. Ever.


And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, for your viewing pleasure, the Best Family Photo In The History Of The World...

Drumroll please....

Reid Family Photo

The plaid! The stripes! The floral! That beard! That afro! Those kids! Those ears! The humble hand! That family!

What could we possibly be looking at?!

Good times.
I love it soooo much.


Could you possibly be any cuter?? Ummm...nope.

Not to be too Freudian, but your husband and your father seem to share a very similar smile and twinkly eyes. How cute!

I think Christopher is my favorite! "Me? Oh, no, I couldn't possibly!"

Diane--Thank you! You are so sweet!

Elizabeth--I know! My friend Carrie and Katie's mom have both mentioned that as well. Well, my father was certainly handsome, and my husband is the most handsome man who has ever lived, so I just have good taste. How Sweet!

Melissy--HAHA! Isn't he so cute? So humble! (He still is, too....hmmm)

Don't forget those humongous glasses I'm wearing!!!! Could they BE any bigger?