I have a somewhat unhealthy obessesion with JCrew. If I had money, I would very happily give up all the clothes in my possession and replace them all with JCrew clothes. I refer to the catalogs as my "porn" and can happily zen out for hours looking at the same catalog over and over. My wedding dress was ordered from, and I have 2 long-sleeved tshirts that I bought on sale a few years back that I wear religiously in the winter, despite the fact that there are holes all in them. Also, being a JCrew model is one of my dream jobs (along with movie star, professional dancer, and backup singer.)

I love the damn store.

So last night, I snuggle into bed with the newest catalog that came yesterday--the summer preview, so there will be daydreaming of warmer days involved and happy happy thoughts. They have started doing this "Behind the Seams" feature, where they talk about the fabric used or the process or the photo shoot, etc. For example: "Behind the Seams: What's the third piece? Think of it as the finishing touch to any outfit. Your fashion ace-in-the-hole. This season it's the cardigan-long or short.--Gayle, Women's Stylist." Get it? Ok.

So imagine my surprise, when I get to Pg 30, which features a pic of a model in a grey polka dot top, orange cartigan, and ripped jeans, and the following "Behind the Seams":
"Ever wonder how we get our jeans to roll just so? With the jean leg fully unrolled, fold over an inch of fabric to make the ankle opening tighter. Then hold on to that fold as you roll up from the bottom to desired length (we like ours to hit just above the ankle.)"

SERIOUSLY, JCREW?! Did you just tell us how to freakin' Tight-Roll our jeans?!?! Tightrolling (or pegging) which we all did when we were gawky ugly pre-teens? You are telling us this is FASHION?! Do you seriously think this is cool?!?!

I am stunned. I don't even know what to say.


You're funny. It's true that it's silly but you're reaction is funny. I can't believe there is a Wiki entry for it.

Oh, JCrew, oh no...

I've been known to embrace some out there fashions -- heck, I maintain that Bjork's swan dress was kinda cool -- but tight-rolling? Tsk!

If, indeed, all trend come back around eventually, I look forward to the day that asymmetrical, unflattering self-cut bangs and acne are cool again. It'll be my heyday all over again.

Going to Miami University (aka J. Crew U) has given J. Crew a negative connotation in my head. BUT I had this pair of jeans back in the day that was a different color on the inside. So when you tight rolled them it was like a pop of green by your shoe. It was HOT!!!

OMG! I have no words for this! Yes, I do--to quote you: "Seriously?!"

Duh, Erica... how else are you going to show off your two layered florescent socks... Sheesh...

I straight up do not believe you. I need proof of this attempt to raise the tight roll from the dead.

You guys are all hilarious. I am glad that I am not the only one who is affected by this atrocity.

I will try to abuse the scanner at work to get physical proof up here to show you all.