At Melissa's request and with Shannon's and Fuzzy's help, here is a scan of the JCrew Tightroll fiasco:


The full original page here.

Editors Note: WTF? Those jeans are $148? Yikes. Thank goodness they have sales.


Oh, it hurts!

Next: Ever wonder how we get a pack of smokes to stay rolled up in our t-shirt sleeves?

Red, doesn't it? Ugh.

Adam! Hi!

Well, since I have confirmation that the 80s are back and I should obey current fashion trends, I am off to Target to get leg warmers.

HAHAHA like there is a Target in Stark Vegas. HAHAHAHAHAHA... (crying on the inside)

You should send J Crew a note and call them on this b.s. Maybe you'll get a free pair of jeans!

Not too good!

oh man I KNEW this trend was coming back around. I had everyone do it at a party a few weeks ago just so we all were prepared.

I used to tightroll my jeans. I was the only dude in my school. To this day I am unsure if this is why I was pummeled with such regularity or if that was a "happy" coincidence.