For Love of the Video

I love music videos. I have an obsession with them. I can watch them for hours and sometimes I watch them in my head when I hear the song. I love it when they are good and I hate it when they are bad. I especially love it when there is dancing.

The following 2 videos were recently brought to my attention* and they exemplify my opinions of a well made and a crappy video.

This first video, Ciara's "Like a Boy" is incredible because of the choreography. In 99% of the videos out there that feature women dancing, they are scantily clad and in high heels and shakin it for the fellas. I love a good pair of booty shorts just as much as you do, but look at how refreshing the costuming and dancing is in this one (it gets better as it goes.) I love seeing a bunch of hot ladies dancing so masculinely and doing it PERFECTLY. Plus, I feel that Ciara is way better at pulling off what Beyonce recently tried to do, and she did it first. Go, girl.

(Sorry for the advertisement at the beginning, but it is better than the version I found that automatically played when this page loaded)

Now on to the bad video. This is for The White Stripes song "I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself." I get what they are trying to do here--it is a sexy and gritty and raw song and so is this video-- but I am not sure having a coked out Kate Moss stripper dance on a pole is the best way to accomplish this. Yes, all this video is is Kate Moss stripper dancing on a pole. Really Sophia Coppola? That's all you got? I would much rather watch Dusty Springfield sing it in her creepy pipe world. Ah, well. Anyways, here it is:

Thank you for your time. I hope you enjoyed today's lesson.

* I must full disclose here--I saw both of these videos during Christina Aguilera's "Hitlist" on MTV Hits, my obsessive cable station. MTV Hits shows hour long playlists of videos, often being the favorite videos of a musical artist. In Christina's she plays all sorts of awesome videos, including...get ready for this--NOVEMBER RAIN! Oh, Christina. As if I needed any more reasons to love you...