Random Thought Time!


Thought 1) Today I am feeling great! My life is awesome! I have the worlds most perfect husband and I am loving cooking and having time that is my own and work is good and I don't mind the crazy snow and I am not actively stressed out. What? Yes, you are reading the same blog, I think I have finally shifted into a positive transitional period, and I am enjoying being in it. I am enjoying being "boring." Yes yes. Life is good.

Second Thought) The new Andrew Bird cd, Noble Beast, came in the mail yesterday and it is SO GOOD. I love it. I knew I would, but I can happily say that I honestly do. And today, while listening to it, I was sent back to a time in my past--the first time I flew home from Chicago after moving here--I went for Julie's wedding and Erica, Sara, Aubrey and Christopher met me at the airport and we all went to the (sadly now defunct) Musiquarium beer bar and danced on the counter and in the windows. It was great, and odd that a cd I only just heard for the first time yesterday took me there in my head. CLICK HERE to listen to the cd--I suggest listening to Effigy if you have to pick just one song.

Three Thinker) Remember M.U.S.C.L.E. men? I hadn't thought of them in years, but last week we were over at Ryan's house and he had a stash of them by the door. Holy Moles it sent me back! I got so excited and talked to my brother about the the other day. So last night, imagine my surprise when Fuzzy came in with a WHOLE SET OF THEM FOR ME! Oh man, they are awesome. There are the original pink ones, plus blue, purple, and red ones. Christopher, you have to come over so we can play with them!

FORE!) I think this year I am going to get a hobby. Something crafty and with my hands. I used to craft things all the time, but have completely gotten out of the habit. I have no idea what I want to do, but the thought of creating something cute and fun greatly appeals to me. And it will be good to occupy my mind a bit more.

Thought 5) Also, I think I am able to start reading again! I haven't been able to in a while--nothing has caught or kept my interest, and words just haven't been making any sense in my head for the last year or so. But last night, I was able to read some in a book and laugh, so that is a good sign! I hope I can keep it up!

Sexy Six) Remember the Cutie Bumblesnatch Doll that Speedy made? Here is a pic of the DADA Little Piece of String and DADA Flutter dolls that she made us, too. Amazing, isn't she?

LPS and Flutter.jpg

Seven Samurthought) Free to a good home:
"Mr. Coffee" Coffee Maker--comes with filters! Has that non-spill thing for when you can't wait for the whole pot to brew and you have to get a cup early.
Small George Foreman Grill--mmmm tasty!
Personal Steam Inhaler--good for sinus problems!
Leave a comment below or email me if you want any of those.

I hope all of you are having an awesome day, too!



You go, Positive Polly!

No way! Where'd he find the whole set? I'm super jealous now!

Also, yikes! A quick search on ebay for M.U.S.C.L.E. men totally didn't show me what I wanted to see!