I've tried to blog now almost every day for a solid week, and every time I do, I can't make it through. It is just too exhausting for me and I don't have the energy. I thought that a blog would be good to tell my friends about what is going on with me, but lookee, it is just another obligation. So here are some things:
Back in Therapy, it is awesome and hard.
Getting some mental/ physical help from a friend.
I know how lucky I am.
I am going to focus on working out, getting mentally fit and taking care of myself for a while instead of stressing about doing shows.
I gotta get my anxiety under control--I basically fall out at the thought of seeing people, being in groups, or having anything to do with being in or seeing a show. Patience.

Yeah! I am still me, though, guys! I think I am kinda cool. Maybe a little?

Thanks for all your support! More when I can...


You're really fucking cool. Don't ever stop being my friend, dude.

Thanks, Dan. YOU are the coolest.

Girl, YOU take all the time you need to do what's best for YOU. It's always a good time to do that, in great or difficult times.

"'Cause, yoooooou are a champ-yun, my freh-end." (Freddy Mercury decided to say "hi" just then. Ya can't stop The Merc.)

Sorry I swear so much.

Well you know I think you're cool, so yeah...that's already done.

I think its great about the exercise, gosh how much I hate being "this girl", but oh my will it make you feel better I think. All that nervous energy goes out of your body and back out into the world. Feels delicious.

I'm sorry Telfer swears so much.

I think you're awesome. So awesome in fact, that I think we should get our hair cut together on Friday and then drink and listen to Radiohead.

Yeah, I'm sorry, too, that Dan swears so much. JUST KIDDING!! That's what those words are for, aren't they????!!!!
I think you are cool, yeah, exercise, and get your hair cut on Friday. That would be great!! Love you, your maudra

I'm sorry nobody else can keep up with my swearing.

you, my girl, are the awsum.

that's lolcat for fuckin' awesome!