Doing ok

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Hello hello! So I think I am doing ok. Sure, everyday is something new, but I a slooowly starting to feel myself seeping back in. I've seen a few more friends, been to some more counseling sessions, and have found myself starting to think about comedy again! Daydreaming about it, actually. And getting excited about it! That makes me so happy, cause I was afraid that I had just lost it. I got my hair cut, and it is awesome, and just a small but important way to feel good about yourself. I am feeling more like me. Hooray!

For the record, my husband is the most amazing person on the planet. He is the most loving, supportive, funny and wonderful man and I am so blessed to be with him. I am so very lucky.

It has been a quiet week. I am still fighting the ick. Still not feeling rested. But today I treated myself to a day of sleeping and weeping, and it is just what I needed.

That, and maybe some Ethiopian food...

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Pumpkin Ethiopian!