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Apes for the Memories


DSC05391, originally uploaded by brantastic.

I was the show winner last night, so I got to participate in the weekly closing song.


Erica Reid headshot

Photo by Johnny Knight

Noah Ginex Podcast!

Noah Ginex, the brilliant puppet maker and mastermind behind Fuzzy's and my Save the Date cards has an awesome podcast that I have had the honor of being a part of. And I must say, that the news portion is very informative, as I learned about the Keith Richards falling out of a tree incident as well as the passing of Billy Preston from the podcast. I highly recommend subscribing to the podcast.

Here are links to the three that I have participated in, all in the improv interview portions, but you should listen to the whole thing. I highly recommend watching the podcast while you listen, as there is an amazing picture of Fuzzy and I of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the first one and of fatty Santas in the third one. Noah's pretty great with the photoshop.

Interview of Fuzzy Gerdes and Erica Reid featuring the amazing "Plasticine Doodley Doo" song
The Don't Spit the Water Interview
The Christmas Podcast

And you should totally listen to the rest of the podcasts, too.

Hey--did anyone notice how linky I am in this post? Fuzzy is rubbing off on me!!

Impress These Apes! Standup!

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Here is week 2 of Impress These Apes! All of the routines were awesome, and I am particularly proud of mine. Enjoy!

Impress These Apes! Reader Review

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Reader Review: Impress These Apes! (Recommended)

In Blewt! Productions' talent show, the face of the human race depends on eight contestants impressing three apes from the future whose intelligence has increased to the level of, well, amateur comedians. Each week the same eight performers compete in a different category, like music or stand-up. There's a silly backstory to this lively show, anchored by loony host (and local stand-up) Jared Logan, who convincingly behaves as though he's missing a frontal lobe. But there's also real stakes: the producers held an open audition, and after eight weeks the winning contestant gets $250. A volatile mix of the staged and the sincere, Impress These Apes delivers the best kind of inconsistancy; can't-look-away failure and spontaneous charm. It's American Idol meets lowbrow comedy. -- Ryan Hubbard

Impress These Apes!

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Erica Reid gets scored, originally uploaded by Fuzzy Gerdes.

I am happily a contestant on the new Blewt! show Impress these Apes!, a talent competition where each week we get a new challenge to perform the following Monday. The show premiered Monday night, and it was a total and utter blast! For those of you in Chicago, it is Mondays for the next 7 weeks at 8pm at the Playground theatre. I need your support! For those of you not in Chicago, you can follow along and watch the segments online at www.impresstheseapes.com.

Crime Scene Bride


The amazing photographer Johnny Knight has an ongoing Bride Series, and I am honored to be a part of the above photo. Yep! That's me dead on the ground. It was cold, before sunrise, and I had to lay on freezing concrete for a long time, but if those skinny bitches can do swinsuit photo shoots in the dead of winter, I can handle a little bit of cold for the sake of awesome art. I am really proud of this photo! Enjoy!


Plinko!, originally uploaded by Erica Reid.

Jess Ring, Jorin Garguilo, Kristen Studard, Erica Reid. Directed by Sammy Tamimi. Art by Jorin


Upcoming shows!

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Pastor of Muppets, originally uploaded by Fuzzy Gerdes.

I am happy to now be a member of the amazing Pastor of Muppets Playground team! So far we are having a blast! And with this lineup, how could you not? Bryan Bowden, Jason Geis, Fuzzy Gerdes, Paul Luikart, Paul O'Toole, and Dan Telfer! So great!

This pic is not our official pic (sadly, it lacks PO'T), but I like how our hands indicate smaller and smaller. That was unintentional.

Upcoming shows--all at 8pm at the Playground:
January 6, 8:00pm
January 17, 8:00pm
February 3, 8:00pm
February 16, 8:00pm
March 10, 8:00pm

Happy 2007!

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2007 is going to be a great year. I had labelled 2006 as 'the year that everything changes'--which is so true--so now I am dubbing 2007 'the year to adapt and enjoy.' I usually write manifestos at the beginning of the year of all the things I know that I am going to do, so here is a random sampling list of things that I will achieve in 2007.

I will get out of debt.
I will travel a lot (though not a good way to get out of debt.)
In travelling, I will go to SC, Las Vegas, NY, Oregon, Los Angeles, Michigan (some of those trips are planned, some not yet) and MS as much as possible.
I will learn to walk properly in high heels.
I will book a national commercial.
I will get paid more to do creative things.
I will enjoy my jobs.
I will not stress out about my show/ rehearsal schedule having control over me.
I will love my husband every second of every day.
I will celebrate my 1 year wedding anniversary.
I will send letters to people.
I will become a better dancer.
I will get in shape.
I will move to a new apartment.
I will keep a tidy apartment.
I will get rid of unneccessary things.
I will see people that I don't see very often.
I will turn 28.
I will not judge.
I will laugh everyday.
I will play.

The best part? I am already doing a lot of those things now. 2006 was amazing and I know that it will continue--it already is! Cheers to the new year!