Upcoming shows!

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Pastor of Muppets, originally uploaded by Fuzzy Gerdes.

I am happy to now be a member of the amazing Pastor of Muppets Playground team! So far we are having a blast! And with this lineup, how could you not? Bryan Bowden, Jason Geis, Fuzzy Gerdes, Paul Luikart, Paul O'Toole, and Dan Telfer! So great!

This pic is not our official pic (sadly, it lacks PO'T), but I like how our hands indicate smaller and smaller. That was unintentional.

Upcoming shows--all at 8pm at the Playground:
January 6, 8:00pm
January 17, 8:00pm
February 3, 8:00pm
February 16, 8:00pm
March 10, 8:00pm

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I can only hope that it is you, and not one of the guys, wearing your lovely green high heels.