Happy 2007!

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2007 is going to be a great year. I had labelled 2006 as 'the year that everything changes'--which is so true--so now I am dubbing 2007 'the year to adapt and enjoy.' I usually write manifestos at the beginning of the year of all the things I know that I am going to do, so here is a random sampling list of things that I will achieve in 2007.

I will get out of debt.
I will travel a lot (though not a good way to get out of debt.)
In travelling, I will go to SC, Las Vegas, NY, Oregon, Los Angeles, Michigan (some of those trips are planned, some not yet) and MS as much as possible.
I will learn to walk properly in high heels.
I will book a national commercial.
I will get paid more to do creative things.
I will enjoy my jobs.
I will not stress out about my show/ rehearsal schedule having control over me.
I will love my husband every second of every day.
I will celebrate my 1 year wedding anniversary.
I will send letters to people.
I will become a better dancer.
I will get in shape.
I will move to a new apartment.
I will keep a tidy apartment.
I will get rid of unneccessary things.
I will see people that I don't see very often.
I will turn 28.
I will not judge.
I will laugh everyday.
I will play.

The best part? I am already doing a lot of those things now. 2006 was amazing and I know that it will continue--it already is! Cheers to the new year!

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Yaaay for Erica!