Noah Ginex Podcast!

Noah Ginex, the brilliant puppet maker and mastermind behind Fuzzy's and my Save the Date cards has an awesome podcast that I have had the honor of being a part of. And I must say, that the news portion is very informative, as I learned about the Keith Richards falling out of a tree incident as well as the passing of Billy Preston from the podcast. I highly recommend subscribing to the podcast.

Here are links to the three that I have participated in, all in the improv interview portions, but you should listen to the whole thing. I highly recommend watching the podcast while you listen, as there is an amazing picture of Fuzzy and I of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the first one and of fatty Santas in the third one. Noah's pretty great with the photoshop.

Interview of Fuzzy Gerdes and Erica Reid featuring the amazing "Plasticine Doodley Doo" song
The Don't Spit the Water Interview
The Christmas Podcast

And you should totally listen to the rest of the podcasts, too.

Hey--did anyone notice how linky I am in this post? Fuzzy is rubbing off on me!!