Impress These Apes!

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Erica Reid gets scored, originally uploaded by Fuzzy Gerdes.

I am happily a contestant on the new Blewt! show Impress these Apes!, a talent competition where each week we get a new challenge to perform the following Monday. The show premiered Monday night, and it was a total and utter blast! For those of you in Chicago, it is Mondays for the next 7 weeks at 8pm at the Playground theatre. I need your support! For those of you not in Chicago, you can follow along and watch the segments online at

1 Comment

I have watched you week one and two, and I have to say, "You are one funny woman."
But is that "Ha Ha" funny or "call the guys in white jackets" funny? I am still trying to decide.
Good Luck in the competetion.
Oh Yeah, the Saints are going to beat up the Bears this weekend. He-he-he...