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I just have to take a minute to talk about things in my life right now. Maybe it's because I am coming off of a life-changing vacation--but not even because of that--but I am happy to say that I am so freaking happy right now. And proud of myself. And feeling good in my life. I feel better than I have in a really long time.

I feel like the last 13 years of living in Chicago have all been for this moment in my life now. I am more capable than ever before. I can juggle more than ever. I am loving all of my projects and what I am acheiving.  I have confidence again, and it feels great.

I have 2 major choreography projects about to start rehearsals. I have a lot of work ahead of me, and the next few months are going to be busy, but I am excited for the prospects.

We are about to launch a new Blewt! web project that is so funny and stupid and amazing and it makes me incredibly happy. The shoot we did earlier this month ran beautifully and easily, and it was pay-off for all the shows we've produced together over the years.

We previewed a new show for kids and adults alike yesterday, and I am so proud of the results. I've directed some improv and done lots of advising and producing, but this is the first show in my 16 year professional career that I have properly directed. I feel a huge sense of accomplishment on this one.

We're going to be shooting a music video soon for a local rap group. Fuzzy and I always want to make music videos (they are my favorite medium), so I am happy that we've paired up with them on this.

Drunk Monkeys, man. That's all I have to say about that. We are having a ball, getting more viewers and making connections left and right. Good things are happening for us. Expect some really cool shows coming up soon.

Work keeps on rolling in...feels good.

I've signed up for a Sprint triathlon again in August. I figured I would be too busy with rehearsals and my part time jobs to train for a full olympic this year, but it will be nice to be training again.

New tattoos! Still riding high on that one.

Friends! I love meeting people and making new connections and friends. I love all the people that are coming into my life these days. And my old friends are treasure to me.

MY HUSBAND. How is it that after 9 years together and almost 7 years of marriage, this amazing man can keep surprising me, making me laugh, and providing me with so much love, passion and companionship? We are having more fun these days than ever and really enjoying the time we get to spend together. I am more in love every single day.


Yes, I still have some challenges in my life that I am dealing with, but I am doing as best I can at dealing with them. I know that this happiness can be fleeting and it will not always be there, but I am blessed that right now I can just really exist in it and sit in it and feel that it is good and know that it is good. All I need is to just be present in it. And I love it. I sort of even feel like I am still on vacation, and that is the best feeling.

I am grateful.

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YES! Best post ever. We have to remember and savor what good feels like too. Woot!