SNORF! and the WGN Morning News!

I have a new goal this year, and it is to see how many times that I, or one of my projects can be on the WGN Morning news. So far, I've visited the station 4 times: once with Don't Spit The Water, once with World of the Weird Monster Show, and twice with the Noah Ginex Puppet Company. This week was to promote our new show SNORF!, the Saturday Afternoon Monster and Piggie/ Comedy-Variety Show. SNORF! opened today, and I meant to blog about the show before now, but when you are directing and hosting rehearsals in your dining room, things fall through the cracks some time. But I am happy to say that the show was awesome, and we have another one coming up on July 20th! Yippee!

So Thursday, we were on the WGN morning news to celebrate National Handshake Day, and in all my years of knowing Noah and working with the NGPC, this was my first time ever puppeteering. I am honored that I got to play Bessie, the Cow.

Erica as Bessie on WGN Morning News

And Fuzzy was Ron the Snake, who got a huge laugh.

Fuzzy as Ron on WGN Morning News

Here's the whole crew!

NGPC on the WGN Morning News

Watch the video here!!