Brain Dump


I'm sick.
I'm in denial of being sick.
But I feel like crap.
I'm cold.
I can't eat.
I drank a bunch of coffee and now I can't nap.
There's too much to do.
Too much on my mind.
It's hard to let myself relax or take a sick day now that I work for myself.
I need to let myself chill out.
But what about all this stuff on my mind?
What about my to do list?
What about self-promoting?
I like my cats.
I wish I was asleep.
It's freezing in my house.
Remember this week when it was 70? That was awesome.
I want to decorate for Christmas, but have no energy.
My left hand has been hurting for days. In my fingers. Like I have new arthritis there or something.
Oh no! What if I have fifth's disease! That is joint pain and flu-like symptoms?
Or maybe it's just a cold.
Am I still typing?
I need to design new business cards.
I should pet the cat.


You and Chris are so weird. He was JUST complaining about the same ailments yesterday. He's been sick with a cold. His hand was hurting for a few days and was like "I hope I don't have arthritis." He always denies being sick until it hits him over the head and I have to almost force him to just rest and get better. See, y'all are connected even at this distance.

Hope you get to feeling better soon. :)

Aww, thanks, Katie. Actually, this comment makes me feel better. Maybe I am picking up on his vibes.

The Reid kids are pretty puny, huh? Or stubborn, rather.