What I Love about Burlesque

Today, a friend of mine asked me what it is that I like so much about working in the burlesque world, and it got me to thinking.

When Burlesque is done properly*:

*It celebrates the beauty of women**, no matter your shape, size, color, or age.
*It comes from a place of empowerment of the performer. The woman is in control.
*It is not built around the male gaze.
*It isn't about one person's opinion of what is attractive.
*It can be funny, playful, serious, scary, sexy, shocking, fluffy, messy, dirty, dancey, not-dancey. It can be anything. There is no wrong in burlesque/ neo-burlesque.
*It is beautiful, glittery, sparkly.
*It challenges you to think about theatrics, and how clothes are put on and taken off.
*It encourages the performer to love herself. It courages the viewer to love herself.
*It creates illusion.
*It celebrates the burlesque of old, while pushing the envelope of burlesque of the future.
*There is a place for all personalities, characters, genres.
*So much can be said with a wink and a smile.
*It creates an unspoken conversation between the performer and the audience. It is interactive.

Other things I love about it:
*I love working with the women who perform it.
*I love making people look good.
*I love meeting new people.
*I love the movement of burlesque, both the sensual side and the bump-and-grind.
*I like challenging myself.
*I love doing group numbers, and I love working on solos.
*I am good at it.
*I am passionate about it.

I am proud of my contributions to the Chicago Burlesque scene. I look forward for more adventures ahead.

*And by "properly" I mean, my opinion of properly.
**I know men perform burlesque dance also, but up to now I have only worked with women.