Time and Life and Things and Thoughts

Life is beautiful, isn't it?

Ups and downs, lefts and rights. Just when I am feeling gloomy and hopeless, something comes along to counter balance it. Good things. Highs and Lows. Happy Things. Sad things. It's part of it. We're humans, if we are lucky, we have emotions. We feel when things are good and we enjoy the moment when it is. When it isn't, it is good to mourn, it is ok to let yourself be sad and down. But no matter what we have to keep moving. How we navigate the hard times is what defines who we are.

If we are lucky, we get old. Getting old isn't easy, though. Things get harder and more painful and slower and sadder and more lonely. We're all going to die. But life will keep going and others will continue on and remember us.  It's the only certain thing in the world. We just have to make the most of what we have when we have it.

It's been a tough week and a tough time in my head lately. Dad's death anniversary, 2 new deaths in the family in the last week, the continuing decline of my remaining grandparent's health, the continuing decline of our old lady cats' healths, an unfortunate and unexpected creative connundrum. But on the other side of it, there's been new opportunities presented to me, new friends, new experiences. And there's the balance.

This time of year is full of emotions and time to reflect. I am so grateful for all the wonderful experiences I've had in my life and all the amazing people I've had the honor of having in my life. I am so so so blessed. And everything tough that I have been through and am dealing with are only making me stronger and better.

We just have to keep going.