Where's Erica Been?


Great question! Things are super duper busy these days, but everything is going great! I am busy with projects, fun, friends, training, and life! Here are some things that have been going on! (in no particular order)

As I mentioned before, Drunk Monkeys was awesome at the Chicago Women's Funny Festival, and I am forever grateful to the festival producers for giving us a slot. New episodes are airing on Fridays on iTunes and on Four Squirrels!

Over the weekend, we went to the wedding of my old friend Alex and his new wife Alyssa in New York. It was SO much fun--perhaps the most epic wedding I have attended--and we drank and ate so much. As a bonus, I got to catch up with my friend Kate and her fiance, Brian. Photos to come soon!

Of course, every time I am in NY, I have to see my other Erica. This time, we went kayaking in the Long Island Sound at a friend's house. It was gorgeous and amazing--I want to kayak all the time! Fuzzy and I went kayaking in the Chicago River a few weeks ago, too. We forgot any sort of camera, but it was beautiful and so much fun.

Thumbnail image for E Deck.JPG 

I could get used to this. Photo by Erica Livingston.  More photos to come soon.

Last week, Fuzzy and I ran the Run to the Zoo 5K. I love zoos and zoo animals anyways, but it was even more exciting, when in the last mile we ran through the zoo and saw all sorts of amazing animals. Camels! Bears! Birds! And when you finished, they gave you a bomb pop. So fun!


Run for the Zoo.JPG

Look at this cute couple!

I am honored to be among the many amazing ladies of Chicago Comedy in this new short film by the amazing Elizabeth McQuern. It premiered at Chicago Underground Comedy this week as a part of the Just For Laughs Festival. (Not really suitable for work, due to language.)

On Monday, I made an appearance in another short film, also directed by Elizabeth and written by the awesome Jenni Lamb. Here is a behind the scenes photo:


Photo by Elizabeth McQuern

A few weeks ago, Fuzzy and I did Bike the Drive, a 32 mile bike ride on Lake Shore Drive. I love that I live in a city that supports bikers so much that they close down the biggest artery for Chicago travel just so we can bike on it once a year. This was my first year to do it, and it was also the furthest I've ever biked at one time. It was super fun, but also really really hard.

Bike the Drive 2012

Cute Fuzzy!

Bike the Drive 2012

What a couple!

A few weeks ago, my friends Sabra, Brandi and Fuzzy and I ventured into the suburbs to try out Xtreme Trampolines! We had a lot of fun bouncing around and jumping into the foam pit! Words of warning, though--it's tough on the knees! XTREME!


This is the first thing you see when you enter. Hilarious. (photo by some awesome cheerleader) 

Xtreme Trampolines

Xtreme Trampolines

Xtreme Trampolines Xtreme Trampolines


I've been back in dance rehearsals, and it feels great! I created a piece with the amazingly talented Gil Weston that is premiering this Friday night at the Kiss Kiss Cabaret at 11pm. I can't wait to see it in action. I've been taking a break from choreography, but working with Gil has reinspired me and lit my fire again to start some things going. It helps when you work with super awesome folks like Gil. 

E and G.JPG

Me and Gil

I've also been working with Kiss Kiss Cabaret again on our old friend Red Right Hand, a number involving Black Light Paint-it's pretty great. It's been awesome working with Jessica and the girls again. Just like old times!

Annnnd, we're gearing up for season 7 of Impress These Apes again! Auditions are this Saturday! I can't wait to see the talent this year!



All of these things just scratch the surface of what Fuzzy and I have been doing the last couple of weeks. And the first of three triathlons this summer is in a week and a half, so I've been trying to run, bike and swim as much as possible. Even though things are busy, things are AWESOME and I am having a total blast. LIFE IS GOOD!

E Champagne.JPG

CHEERS! (photo by Sylvia Fellin)



Is the groom Alex--as in Alex F. from Vicksburg? Wow, congrats to him!! Guess who else is newly engaged? Another WC grad--you know him well!

Yes! It WAS Alex Farlow! So much fun. He and Alyssa are a great couple.

AND YESSSS! I AM SO EXCITED FOR JEREMY AND JAN!!!!! I can't WAIT for that wedding. And to meet Jan! Such a great story.