I think this is the best thing I've ever seen from youtube


So magical, calming, and sweet. An inspiration.


I know this comment isn't on the right post, but I wanted to commiserate with you on the oral allergy syndrome. I developed allergies to all fruit with a pit/core and potatoes (raw, not cooked) a few years back, same symptoms you mentioned. It stinks! Eric has major allergies to most fruits and vegetables too.

It just makes you a little concerned that SO many people have developed food allergies (and with "natural" "raw" food at that!) over the past few years. What is going on?

Ps- mr. Rodger's is my favorite person, ever,

That was great. It was also interesting to see his age vary across the video.

ASHLEY! That SUCKS! fruit with a pit or core?! That is so many things! I feel for y'all. It certainly changes how you eat, right? for me, strawberries are on EVERYTHING. YOu are right--why does this happen?

Also, I can't stop watching/listening to the Mr Rogers vid. I think I average about 15 times a day.

I'm sorry, this Mr. Rogers thing scares the shitballs out of me.