Birthday BBQ

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Forever ago, Claire and I decided to celebrate our birthdays at Lillie's Q, a new(ish) BBQ place in Wicker Park. Claire had been a few times before, but I was new to it (ok, maybe a few weeks ago we got some carry out food the night we met Jodi's baby). We put a date on the calendar and anxiously counted down the months and days till today. What a glorious evening!

Take a minute to look at this menu. I'll be here when you get back.

I know, right? And did you see the magical thing on there? SMOKED FRIED CHICKEN. Damn.

We decided to order a shit-ton of food--it's our BIRTHDAYS afterall--and then we would take whatever leftovers we had back home to our husbands.

We ordered:
Fried Pickles (appetizer)
Smoked Fried Chicken (it comes with a crock of honey)
Taste of LQ (sampling of 3 meats): Hot link (my fave), Tri-tip, and baby back ribs
Side of Baked Beans
Side of Green Beans
(I also had a bourbon and a beer. They were both served in Mason Jars. Heaven.)


Look at how happy Claire is: Claire and meat!

And we ate every last drop. It was amazing. Even the waiter was impressed.

For dessert, we split a scoop of "grasshopper ice cream", with mint ice cream and Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies. DAMN it was good. AND it came in a tiny cast iron skillet! I wish I had gotten a better pic of the skillet. Trust me that it was cute. The perfect end to our meal.

Grasshopper ice cream

But the best part about the meal? The company. Awwwwwwwwww.


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yeah!! that was such a great night. I like the "Ladies" sign right over my head. Thank you for the birthday fun.