Why the Game 'Draw Something' is the Most Ridiculous Game in the World

The world is being swept away right now with Draw Something, the new social touchscreen app/game in which you draw words for your friends and they try to guess what it is. Fun, right? Well, it is, but it is also pretty damn ridiculous, if you ask me. And since you just did (what?), here are my reasons why:

1) It takes forever to play. You draw things, then you watch your opponent guess things while it shows you what you drew again. Then you watch them draw things. Then you guess things. Then the cycle starts all over again. I try to look at the letter options in front of me and guess the word early, just to save some time, but often when I figure it out early and the finished drawing pops up, I realize that I missed out on inside jokes, multiple tries, and amazing finishes. The screens in between take forever, too. Speed it up, guys! And when you consider that you are playing this game with several friends (I am currently playing with 5 people, and they are all great, but I can't add any more or I'd have to quit my job), you realize that suddenly you don't have time to do anything else. Like play Hanging with Friends.

2. Everything you draw looks like a dick. I don't need much more commentary on this one, but no matter what it is that you are drawing, it will look like a dick for about 75% of the time you are drawing it.

3. The selections are very repetitive. If I painstakingly drew "roadkill" for one friend, chances are I am not going to want to draw it again for someone else. I can't tell you how many solar systems I've drawn now to demonstrate the words "orbit," "Jupiter," "Earth" and "Saturn." Ok, I can. 5.

4. The drawing selections are insane. Ok, so I can draw "Bieber" and "Britney" and "Jordan" and "Obama". Sure. Even "Skrillex." But "Daft Punk?" Trust me I tried. And failed. And don't even get my started on how you can successfully draw the differences between "Rza" and "Gza" with your finger, a small iPod screen, and essentially MS Paint. Yet, for some crazy-ass reason, these two pop up ALL THE TIME. Seriously, Draw Something, don't you know that the Wu Tang Clan ain't nothing to eff with? EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT.

5. It's no fun to play against a professional artist. Sure, it's amazing, cause you get some impressive works of art, but it also makes your shitty stick figures look that. much. worse. Yeah, I'll um...add some shading here, too. So there.

Which leads me to this link I found online--see #20 here...I guess THAT'S how you draw Daft Punk. Sheesh.