Reality Show Roundup

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For all interested parties, here is who I am rooting for in my reality competition shows:

RuPaul's Drag Race--Sharon Needles. 2nd Fave: Latrice Royale

Top Chef Texas--Paul (though I guess it would be cool if another Chicago woman won, but we were Pro-Bev over Sara. I mean, Tiny Tinis at Aria!)

Project Runway Allstars--Mondo! Always Mondo.

Ink Master-- Josh  (Sidenote--did anyone else think it was funny that all the tattoo artists were nervous about painting on the prosthetics for fear of messing them up? When tattooing something ON SOMEONE's SKIN they seem to be less concerned?)

Amazing Race-- Kerri and Stacy.   Mississippi Represent Represent-sent!

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Just saying if you were to inclined to mail us copies of any of these, I'd LOVE to have Top Chef, Project Runway (didn't even know it was ON!), Ink Master (never even heard of it, but I KNOW I'd love it). Well, really, I'd love to have any of them! Hint hint, assuming you've not yet mailed us a package. ;)