Mardi Gras!

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Happy Mardi Gras, Y'all!

King Cake Parker
I found the baby in the Parker!

Today was one of those days where I felt like a rockstar, cause I got so much done, and I just have to brag for a second.  I did the following:

*Sent some correspondence.
*Showered (y'all know that's an accomplishment sometimes.)
*Filled the car with gas, wiper fluid, and coolant.
*Took a vintage dress to the dry cleaners to have the zipper replaced and a new hem put in.
*Bought a gift.
*Went to therapy.
*Got good news from Mom's test results (praise the Lord!)
*Bought office supplies.
*Mailed 4 packages, including one to Canada and one to Tanzania (yay C&K!).
*Bought coffee for the house.
*Went to Fuzzy's office (and then slept on his couch for an hour while he was on a conference call.)  His office had a King Cake! So although I did not get to make one, at least I got to have a slice. Yum!
*Window shopped with Fuzzy at Topshop/ Topman.


I also wore a lot of purple and green today, and a really short skirt. I got a lot of odd looks from passersby.
Mardi Gras Legs

AND to celebrate Fat Tuesday....we had a classic cajun dinner at...Popeyes!! We were fancy and ate it there.  I know how to treat my husband right.

About a week ago I thought to myself "I wonder where I can get a King Cake Baby in Chicago." and then I pretty much assumed that it was too late to order one. TODAY I remembered not only that I had one, but exactly where it was.

King Cake Baby

Here's an awesome Laugh Out Loud Cats comic from 2009:

Laugh-Out-Loud Cats #1067
(Those of you who know us and have to been to our house know that we are fans of Adam Koford and have quite a few original Laugh out Loud Cats comics, as evidenced by this link on his blog of a photo of Fuzzy and the comic that I had custom made for him. But I digress...

Laissez les bon temps rouler!!
Spukey Trix found the king cake baby

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Dang! Just read this, so forget about my comment on your post about reality TV shows. I'll be happy to get whatever you've sent us! Thanks! And, I'm jealous of you wearing a shirt shirt. It's gotta be knee-length here and I'm struggling.