Eff You, Folgers

Last night, Fuzzy and I were catching up on some TV and fast-forwarding through the commercials. Never wanting to miss a sappy Christmas commercial, I asked Fuzzy to rewind this Folgers ad to see what it was. Well, I wasn't expecting THIS punch in the stomach.

UGHHHHHH.  Seriously? A sweet commercial about a girl's big brother coming home FROM FREAKING AFRICA at Christmas? When my big brother is moving to freaking Africa AT Christmas?

Needless to say, I broke down sobbing. But it's all good. I think I needed to see it. I mean, it's certainly relevant. (though I think the version I saw on tv had the "real coffee" line edited out, cause if anywhere has good or "real" coffee, it's Africa. So just ignore that part.)


Yikes! I haven't even watched this video and I knew exactly which one it was when I saw the link. I thought "Uh oh..."

Side note, in my limited experience, Africans often do drink shitty coffee. While we drink these delicious beans from East Africa, the only coffee that we ever saw served was this cheap instant mix, and everyone had it. A friend that lived a few years in West Africa also recently commented on how bad the coffee was, so this commercial might not be so off on that mark!

Yeah, the commercial hurts my heart!!!ESPECIALLY when she puts the bow on him.