Fuzzy, my amazing husband, is participating in this year's Movember, the "let's all grow mustaches this month to raise money and awareness about men's cancers" fundraising campaign. Since I lost my father to effing cancer almost 4 years ago (good Lord), I support this decision 100%! Here he is on day one: 

November 2011 - Day 1

Sidenote: this photo was taken the day after this one, so it was quite a change. Also, Fuzzy did not tell me he was going to shave his beard, so it was a shock seeing him all baby faced that morning.

This is him now!

Movember - Day 22

On his blog, Fuzzy has made a special offer to shave off certain parts of his mustache for certain amount donations! Who can pass that up? It seems like an offer you can't refuse. To make a donation, please visit my brother-in-law's donation page here! If you make the donation in memory of David Reid, all the better. Fuzzy has offered to make a video of the ceremonial shaving, and I will post that here.

There's less than a week left to donate!
Thank you!