Hoo Doggy


Oh man, I have so much to report. So where've I been? Oh, right--dealing with a stomach virus since Friday. Bad cramping, lots of time in the bathroom, can barely eat. It's been rough.

So, for those of you playing along at home:
July 26-present:  Bike Wreck, knee injury, still in recovery
Sept 14-15:  Bad reaction to my anti-inflamatory
Sept 15-23: Infected blister resulting in 4 trips to the hospital
Sept 25-26: Full body rash
Oct 5-12ish: Cold/ allergy issues
Oct 14-present: Stomach virus

Let's just say that I am really tired.

I am really achy, weak and worn out, I've not been able to do anything at home (cleaning, cooking) in a really long time, I feel like an idiot, and I feel like I am letting everyone down (though I always feel like I am letting people down when I am sick, when really the only people affected by my illnesses are me and sweet Fuzzy, and Fuzzy is amazing. I need to remember that no one is sitting around thinking I am a terrible person, and if they are, eff em.) Unfortunately, I've also still been going to work and doing my extracurriculars: rehearsals, scheduling more rehearsals, choreographing and teaching. I've canceled some plans to have nights at home and to get more sleep, but it's just not enough. I want a week where I can just not go to work and not have any plans and just focus on getting my shit together. Like a vacation!! I am jealous of celebrities who can check themselves into facilities for exhaustion. The good news is that today I am eating more and have had good luck, so I hope this funk is on it way out of my system.

I am listening to my body, though. I am taking steps to have less stress and responsibility. So I can hunker down in December and January and focus on me, Fuzzy, and getting stronger.


Oh Erica!

My girl.

I dunno dude, end it, stop it, put a stop to the madness. It sounds like you really know what's happening here and it has to do with you not stopping!

So cut it. Cut the rehearsals. Take 3 days off work next week and don't take no for an answer. Cancel your plans. Hide, rest, recover.

Except for me (heh), no one is mad at you or annoyed. Forget all of us, every single one of us and get yourself back.

Priority #1.

Make it so.

You have one thing you HAVE to do and that one thing is take care of yourself.

I am your new mother.