Today's Daydream

I am still sick. I can't eat. I can't keep any food in my system, and I also can't force anything down. I think I had only about 300 calories yesterday, and that was from a bottle of gatorade and 3 pieces of toast. I went to the doctor yesterday, though, and hopefully it is on it way out.



All I want to do is eat. And y'all know that I love to eat. So today is this my daydream:

The Becca's special sandwich from Goldies--giant BBQ sausage sandwich on thick garlic bread, with a huge helping of their mustard potato salad.
And a side of chicken fingers and potato skins with loads of honey mustard.
Unsweet iced tea, and a giant iced latte and a big ice cold beer. And a fancy cocktail.
And some sort of gooey hot chocolately dessert. It doesn't matter what.

I can't wait till I can eat. CAN'T WAIT.

Update: now I am daydreaming about pastries. Sugary gooey ones.