I Haven't Posted in a Week. Here's Why.

1. I had a huge work project (3000 household appeal mailing and 200 household gift mailing) that had to go out by the end of the week last week. So I had not a 10 minutes to spare to blog anything.

2. I went to the knee specialist last Monday. I was told to stay off my leg for another 2 weeks--no dancing, no biking, no running, no walking over 2 blocks (What? I live in Chicago!) I have to have physical therapy, and he gave me an anti-inflammatory that I was supposed to take twice a day.

3. Wednesday I woke up in the middle of the night with massive stomach cramping that lasted throughout the day Wednesday and Thursday. Like a full body systematic stomach cramping every few minutes--not menstrual cramps--and yet I went to work and got stuff done and then passed out and went to sleep.

4. On Thursday, I figured out that the cramping was due to the anti-inflammatory, cause it has a drug in it I had a similar reaction to in high school. I decided to stop taking it, but I haven't yet called to tell them, because...

5. On Wednesday, my Achilles tendon on my left foot started hurting in my shoes. I switched to flip-flops halfway through the day. I woke up in the middle of the night Thursday morning with massive throbbing foot pain and a giant welt on my heel. I suffered through the day Thursday, and I iced it and took ibuprofen.

6. On Friday, we were supposed to head off to the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky. Our hotel rooms were paid for, I rented a car. My foot was in a ton of pain and I could barely move it, but I soldiered on. I picked up Fuzzy from work, then looked at my foot--I took off my sock and saw that my foot was swollen up to twice its size and it was blood red. We decide to go to the Emergency Room (my old friend) to get it checked out.

7. Turns out, I have an infection. From a blister I got Sept 3 cause I wanted to wear cute shoes to the DSTW premiere. It had taken a while for them to heal, and they were starting to scab over. Somewhere in there, my left ones got infected. The doc put me on hardqore pain killers and 2 anti-biotics and he cut into my foot to drain the pus and infection. It was the worst pain I'd ever felt in my life, and I screamed and cried. We decided to not go to KY (yes, I ruined yet another vacation we were excited about), so I spent Saturday at home on the couch sleeping and drugged up.

8. I was told to go back to the ER on Sunday for a wound check. It looked worse than before (photos are available if you want to see--just leave me a comment with your email address). Seriously, y'all---it looks like some dead eye of evil back there. The doc drained it again and found more pus, so yep, they had to stick me with needles again and dig around in there to get more out. More screaming and crying. I have packing in there--like gauze, etc-- in the open wound to keep it draining.  It looks like death. My foot is still red and swollen and really tight and hard and hot. But I am in less pain today, and I think it is still draining.


9. I go back tomorrow. We'll see what happens. As of now, I am back on my crutches (that's one way to rest that knee!) and am mega drugged up and doing the best I can. I hope to get lots of sleep this week.  I am at work and I am going to go to rehearsal tonight, which will be interesting, cause I have to be all verbal instruction. We'll see. Damn responsibilities.

of course

10. Fuzzy is out of town this week, and on my first attempt of taking my pills on my own, I messed up and took one that I wasn't supposed to take til tonight. So now, I am all jittery and freaked out. (Everything is ok--I called the pharmacist).  I am just so tired and have no energy or pain threshold anymore. I really hope that they drain it and all is well, cause I don't think I can handle that pain anymore. I just can't. I wish I could just cancel all my obligations, rehearsals and work and just stay home in bed till everything is better. I am completely falling apart. It's just not my summer.

But! Just gotta do the best I can. That's all I can do. And soon I will be back on my feet--literally--and my old pain-free self, right? I hope it comes soon!


Oh my god, that sounds totally and completely horrible. I can't even think of anything to say other than I really hope you get better soon and that you don't ever have another week like this one.

whoa. thought i was having a bad week. you win. hope you are feeling back to normal SOON!

Why CAN'T you eliminate your obligations for a week or two? that seems perfectly reasonable to me. Just show them a picture of your wound. Seriously girl.

Also, just reminding you that I live near you and am here if you need me.