Today's Update

I woke up this morning with less swelling, but more pain than yesterday. Rebecca took me to the ER at about 1:00, and when I went to check in, the woman working that desk said something along the lines of "Oh, hi! I remember you." So I am making some friends. I got put in a super small shared room, which made me nervous at first but turned out to be fine. Rebecca kept me laughing, and I really appreciate that.  When the doctor came in, he said that I was more than likely going to have to have numbing medicine injected again, and when he said that, I started to cry. He later told me that they were going to need to pack it one more time--it is still draining, but wanting to close up, so they wanted to make sure that it is still all getting out. I bargained with him to let me just take the oral pain medicine and not the injection, cause the packing isn't the bad pain, the injection and cutting is. He said he wasn't going to cut anything, so we were going to go that route. When he came back in, he said that he was going to dribble the anesthesia on the wound, so it would still be in there, but not injected. My hero! The packing wasn't painful at all--it was a little unpleasant, but it paled in comparison to the last 2 times. They said it is healing up nicely and that hopefully today is the last time I will have to put the packing in. Hooray! But it does mean I have to go back on Thursday. Again.

I am so tired from the medicine and the pain and the fact that I can't flatten my foot when I walk. Physically tired. And using the crutches makes me tired. Everything makes me tired. The area around my ankle is really sore today, but I think it's because I am having to only walk on my tip toe on my left foot.  The way I am walking is making my knee hurt worse, too. I noted yesterday that when I hurt my knee, it was killing me to be sedentary, cause the rest of me was ok and I just wanted to be active. With this, my body is fighting the infection, so I don't miss being active--all I want to do is sleep.  What I miss is being normal. But at least I am on the mend!!

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers! They are working!