Going the Distance*


Yesterday was a big day! I biked roughly 27 miles total in the day (spread out into 8.5, 14 and 5.5 distance chunks) and also ran a 5K. Which means that yesterday I did 2/3rds of my triathlon! My bike distance for the tri is 13ish miles and run distance 5k. I am 2/3rds there! Just add some swimming, and I've done it! I can't tell you how good that makes me feel...mentally. Physically, it makes me feel like shit. I can barely walk today. My butt hurts. My legs don't like the large spiral staircase in my office.

(here is a photo of the office, so you can get a visual. Christopher took this one)

visiting erica's office

I want to lie down.

The 5K was a lot of fun! We saw some friends, and although my legs were tired and I had to walk every now and again (I wasn't able to run at the day before's pace) it was fairly easy! We then enjoyed some Bastille Day cupcakes (note for all that were curious--they were little tiny and not that flavorful...sorry Swirlz), French beer, and an adorable cover band that played Gaga, Ke$ha and Outkast, etc. I mean, they were precious and so sincere. I had a moment where I just went into the dance area and bugged out with my French flag all alone during "til the world ends." An official photographer took my photo dancing--that should be fun. Then, when we were about to leave, we realized that there were merchants selling bread and cheeses, so we picked some up for dinner.

We are also in a closet debaucle currently, so our bedroom is off limits for sleeping. Lucky for us, though, we have a futon in our sunroom, so we've been sleeping in there. So I've been sleeping hard and solid. I feel like I am drugged today.

BUT! I am feeling pretty awesome otherwise. And I neglected to mention yesterday in my post about the North Shore Trail is that I see at least one bunny on the trail every day. BUNNIES! Yesterday, I saw 3! Gotta love that.


*for the next month and a half, I am going to be writing a lot about the triathlon.




Yay! Congrats E! Before you know it, you'll be all, "Sheeet, I should have signed up for the full thing!" Haha.