Alright, Chicago, I get it


I have a real love/hate relationship with Chicago. When I moved here I said I would only be here 10 years. Well, now it's been over 11. Crazy, right? I get the Wanderlust really badly, and I often spend my days and nights thinking about moving and where we would move and what we would do. After Skyping with Jeremy recently, I became obsessed with moving to California. The weather! The beach! I also was daydreaming about working in Gay Rights. That is a fun daydream. But then, I always think about the family and friends and support system that I have worked so hard to build here in Chicago, and I convince myself that we should stay. But I always still want to move.  I do love living in a city, but I miss being around nature---dirt and grass especially. And you know how I feel about the cold--I hate it. Hate. It. Last night was super chilly for me, too--I was sweaty, and it was in the high 60s or low 70s and everyone was marvelling and the beautiful weather and meanwhile I was shivering.

Then, on the bike ride home, we stumbled upon the Full Moon Jam! It's been a long time since we've been to one, and boy, has it grown. I love it. We stopped and watched for a minute (If we weren't so tired and hungry I bet we would have stayed longer) and in that moment, I really appreciated and loved Chicago and the quirky uniqueness that it supports.

Thanks, Chicago. I love you.



A few things!

First, I'm so envious you're doing the triathalon, I really feel like I should have signed up for this. Guh. Where are you swimming?

2. I want to move too. And I don't. Ok.

3. The North Shore Trail, do you keep taking it to the Skokie Sculpture path? that's how I get to moms on my bike and it is FANTASTIC.

4. You are cute and funny and I like you! And I'm proud of you.

I co-sign #4 above.

Oh and for #2, Erica swims up in Evanston, but I have found many of the Chicago Parks Pools to be very good. Gill Park is nice. I tried Welles a few months ago while Gill was under maintenance and found it unnecessarily crowded (they divided the same pool width as Gill into 3 lanes instead of 5).

I think you and Fuzzy should leave Chicago behind and move to San Diego. But then again, I'm just being selfish. . . :-)

Oh, and we have lots of nature and fun stuff here, too. . . And it doesn't get terribly cold here either. . .And if you did want snow or cold weather in the wintertime, you just drive an hour to get to it. . . Just saying.

Thanks Erica and Fuzzy for the info! you're all cute.