I told my brother last week that I wasn't in as good of shape as I would like to be for this triathlon, but this week I feel like I am right on track.

This morning, I biked to work! And this afternoon I am going to bike a farther distance to get to the Bastille Day 5K after work. I was really tired and out of it this morning, but once I ate a snack and got on the bike, I just zoned out. It is definitely getting a lot easier for me--getting ready, getting the bike outside, getting down Granville to the bike path, it is all becoming second nature. And once I get on the North Shore trail, it is just so relaxing and lovely. The smell of the trees, dirt, flowers and river can make you forget that you are in the city. And I am pretty sure I shaved 4 minutes off my regular commuting time. Not too bad!

This morning's soundtrack was Blind Melon's Soup. It was a nostalgic listen, as I love this album very much, but it really struck me this morning how many songs were about death. Other than that, it was a great vibe to start the day with.