The Legend of Dragon Day


As some of you might know, my office is a virtual office of 4 main and 2 part time employees. My colleagues live in Wilmette, New York, and Oregon and we do all of our business and communication over the phone or online. When I am out of the office, I have 2 part timers who cover for me so I rarely see them--we are ships passing in the night. Because of this, it is impossible to have any fun normal office incentives, such as Cupcake Day or Cappuccino Day (both days of which Fuzzy's office has had recently.) If I want to talk to someone, I skype with Shannon. If I want a fun snack in the office, I have to get it and pay for it myself. It is easy to go a little batty alone all day, and when we are busy and it is stressful, there is no one to take my attention away from the computer to break up the day. For that reason, we created Dragon Day.

Dragon Day is a fake holiday that celebrates and elevates the mighty Dragon. We reference dragons in all our emails of the day, email photos of dragons to each other, and wear dragon tattoos. It all started last year before Shannon moved to Oregon and after Christopher and I cleaned out the Vicksburg house and I brought back with me this shirt that Christopher made in school that is a wax batik of a dragon. I love it. I got to work that day and showed the shirt to Shannon, who exclaimed and showed me a dragon temporary tattoo that she was wearing that day as well. And this, Dragon Day was born. It has grown and grown and now several people participate in the celebration of the mighty Dragon.

There is no set day for Dragon Day. It happens every few months, generally when we need a pick me up. We will pick a date and notify all involved parties of the day. And then, when it arrives, it is glorious. Today is said day. Dragon Day.

I am wearing the tshirt today, a tattoo, and a dragon necklace that Jeff gave me from his European travels. Today it is rainy and black outside, black as the heart of the mighty dragon.

I hope that everyone's day is as strong and firey as the mighty Dragon's soar.


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Hooray! I love Dragon Day!
I totally get this, I worked from home for 2 years. Even though my new company is totally flexible about the work from home thing, I don't do it very often. Although the office is pretty empty sometimes because a lot of people DO take advantage of it.

I want to have a dragon, too!! But I don't have any dragon stuff!!!

This is awesome. I occassionally wear dragon earings when I need something like this... how wonderful... AND... we will have a cupcake day soon.