Some Burlesque Love

I wanted to take a minute to note that this weekend, the long-running Chicago staple Belmont Burlesque Revue will be ending its monthly showcase. I owe so much to BBR and Paris Green and all the Bombshells for the years of fun working with them on dances and performing comedy with Fuzzy onstage. What a blast! For group numbers, I choreographed one of their opening numbers as well as "Jump in the Line" and "Candy Man" and I had the pleasure to work with Paris Green and Titi Touche on fun solo projects.  

This Saturday at midnight, Fuzzy and I will be reprising some classic Gerdes and Reid bits and bidding this beloved show a fond farewell. I wonder if Jack Midnight will tell the Scottsman joke...

Also, yesterday, our Reader review for Kiss Kiss Cabaret came out!

The tone and pace are just right in this late-night burlesque show. Doubling as affable emcee Max Flattery, director Chris Biddle keeps the evening fresh with a rotating line-up of erotic dancers, campy acts, and nerdy comedians. Striptease routines satisfy a wide range of PG-13 fetishes, sometimes in unconventional ways. Teddy Bare's absinthe fairy number, for instance, incorporates modern dance elements not typically associated with the bump-and-grind. The result is an eclectic blend of steam, smart humor, and shtick. If Biddle and company can maintain momentum, Kiss Kiss Cabaret has what it takes to become a cheeky Chicago staple. --Dan Jakes



So sad to hear that Belmont Burlesque is coming to an end. I'll never forget my 1st burlesque show seeing them at Martyrs. Have a great time with Gerdes and Reid! I'll be there in spirit!

The BBR isn't coming to an end; we're just not going to do a regular monthly show. Instead, we're going to focus on two or three show runs a year. We may do a run around Halloween (we're still in discussions), but we're definitely going to be coming back with our regular Holiday revue, "Jingle Belles: The Naughty List." We'll very likely do a run again next summer after that.