Happy Birthday, Melissa!!


It's old home week for birthdays here in Reid-land. Both Christopher's and my best friends for our whole lives have a bday a day (and a year) apart. For YEARS I was confused by this and couldn't get it straight because 1) I am dumb and 2) in my head 19 is a feminine number and therefore it couldn't be Melissa's birthday and so hers was the 18th and Jeremy's was the 19th. NOT SO. One year I called Melissa on the 18th and she said "You are the first person who has called to wish me a happy birthday today--because it's tomorrow!!" I think that was the year I finally got it straight.

ANYWAYS! Happy happy birthday to my lovey Melissa! I love you and your sweet babies, and I am SO happy that we are closer now than ever (and that is saying a lot!)

Nature, Me, Melissa

Nature, me and Melissa at a bday party of mine at Big Wheelie Me, Melissa

Me and Melissa at a bday party of mine at Pizza Hut (that cat was a radio! How cool!) Go Warren Central Vikings!!

The WC Crew at my wedding: Me, Christopher, Melissa, Jeremy, Alyssa (honorary Viking) and Alex

Melissa and Erica

M and me

 Melissa's Malort Face

Melissa, after sampling Malort.


Grady, Melissa and Delia, this past February


Happy Birthday, Melissa!!Those pictures are priceless!!! Cute little girls, cute grown women!!!!! Have a great day!!

The parties! The wedding! The perms!
Good times.
Thanks for posting these! I love them!