True Love

Last night Fuzzy and I had one of those life moments that makes you sit back and say WOW. I would like to share it with you.

We were sitting on the couch, and looking at Amazon for this that and the other. I asked Fuzzy what was on his "wishlist" and he was telling me that some things he tosses in there just to remind him to look at things later on. Some items have been in there since 2004. One thing that caught my eye was an Arthur Russell cd, and so I asked Fuzzy who that was and what kind of music it is. He started playing me clips and telling me about his history, and his voice sounded really familiar to me.  I told Fuzzy that his music reminded me of this one song, but I got too shy to sing it to him cause I was going to mess it up. Finally, he convinced me to sing it, and the song didn't sound familiar to him (I don't know why...I am an [ahem] excellent singer, especially cause I was trying to sing it in his same tone of voice) so he googled some of the lyrics. The song "A Little Lost" by Arthur Russell popped up! I was proud of myself for recognizing the voice. So we listen to the song for a minute, and suddenly Fuzzy jumps up and runs to the CD rack. A minute later, he says "You know why you know that song?" and he hands me a mix cd he made me right when we were dating only a couple of months. The song was on the cd.

So sweet! So not only was that a SUPER sweet and gutsy song to put on a mix cd to a girl he was dating, but it obviously made an impression to me that I could remember the voice and lyrics to it 7 years later.  I love that.