On the Edge: Red Lipstick


My mom will be happy about this one.

I read my fair share of fashion magazines, and one thing that's been standing out to me lately has been the "red lip." I've been afraid of red lipstick my whole life. I would wear it for dance shows, but never had the confidence to pull it off in real life. Once, when Erica, Andrew and I went to Florida to visit Topher, we went to a club, and I wore a short Hawaiian print red dress and Topher gave me a red lip. I think I was 20, and it was a bold step. I love the pics from that night, but that was the last my face had seen of a red lip for a decade.  I've been more of a "oh, is she wearing lipstick?" kind of girl. Neutrals and light pinks. Once I bought a new lipstick (that I love and still wear) and when a friend said "let me see how it looks" she didn't know I was already wearing it.  But then I see photos of myself and I realize how pale I am.

Again, I am trying to hold my own in a sea of sexy burlesque ladies these days, so I thought it was time to take the plunge. Last Friday I found myself at the MAC counter at Macy's. I went in just wanting to look around (but planning on buying) and of course I was pounced on by an adorable sales clerk the second my big toe landed inside the MAC perimeter. She showed me some lipstick options and then gave me the most gorgeous bold red lip I've ever seen. I loved it. Of course, it wasn't just a lipstick--oh no, it was lipstick, liner and gloss. She showed me a day look and an evening look. It was out there.  I bought all three.  Also, since I've been doing some modeling here and there, I decided I should learn how to apply makeup, so I signed up to take a class this Friday that will teach me how to do a smoky eye, a clean lip and a flawless complexion. Yes, please!

Outcome: Successful!
While I've only ventured out in public a few times with the red lip, I've loved the times that I have. I've felt totally confident. Last Friday I decided to remove the color after I left Macy's--I was on my way to therapy, and I didn't think it was appropriate to go in with a sexy bold lip color. Also, it is hard to apply a bright bold lip color in the morning when you are half asleep and know that you are going to a) drink coffee soon and b) not see anyone all day. So I look forward to going out a little more at night so that I can wear it more and more and get more comfortable with it.

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you're mother (and probably your brother) would say that you're getting tarted up. :) love it!

Sassy! I would also highly recommend L'Oreal's Infallible Lip Gloss in Rebel Red. It is one of my very favorites!
Where are you taking the makeup class? That is actually something I've often thought I would really like to do/learn but never really explored.

That looks great!! You totally pull it off! I can't, so I will rely on you to do it for me. Especially these last few days that I am a 39-week freak of nature.