Gerdes Test Kitchen

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Fuzzy and I cooked all day from start to finish, and aside from a massive slice in my thumb from a butcher knife (I know! Didn't I learn anything from the knife skills class I took?!), it was a success! Here is what we made:

Pumpkin Bread with homemade pumpkin puree
Egg scramble with spinach, tomatoes, onion and cheese
Black Bean Pumpkin Soup with Ham
Weird Green soup (kind of like broccoli cheddar potato, but with lettuce instead of broccoli)
An attempt at Viennetta (remember Viennetta?!?! Heaven!)
Eggnog (yes, Fz made homemade nog!)
Eggnog Martinis
Cookie Dough (with pasteurized eggs, so it is safe to eat raw--also used in the nog)
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Pan Fried Catfish with Black Bean Soup Sauce and Watercress

I am so proud of us! Now to have a thumb that doesn't bleed and someone to do our dishes...

1 Comment

i spent yesterday afternoon cutting up, cooking and pureeing our halloween pumpkins. what a TASK that is! can't imagine doing that PLUS making all the food that you guys made. way to go! and, mmmm, eggnog.