ANTM: Team Ann


I love this season of Top Model. Someone must have realized how stupid the show had gotten and they got a new publicist or something, cause it is a lot shinier and no nonsense this season, like how it used to be back in Seasons 1 & 2. It's been a great season.

Ann has to win it. Come on--she's stunning and takes amazing photos! Sure she might be an alien and she has a creepy weird man voice, but doesn't that make her more endearing? Don't you love how everytime they want to show what an outsider she is, they show that same photo of her eating a bacon sandwich?

I know that Chelsey is way more commercial, but I think they've really shot themselves in the foot with this whole Cover Girl contract AND Italian vogue thing. It should be one or the other. Fuzzy thinks that they signed a 10 season deal or something with Cover Girl and then couldn't get out of it when they got Italian Vogue. I think Chelsey is gorgeous and is a great model, but Ann has to win it. She is really going to be a superstar model. Everyone loves her, and Andre Leon Talley wants to take her to a party.

Sidenote: remember when they wanted Danielle to close up her gap and she said no? And this year they made Chelsey's gap larger? I don't really have a comment about it--just wanted to point it out.

We are traveling tonight for the holiday, and won't be able to watch the finale until later, so please, I beg of you--no spoilers!

Update: I agree with this post. We even made the same points! Also, more about Ann here and here.


I have nothing to add about ANTM (except it is one of those shows I wish I would remember to watch!) but I wanted to wish you safe travels and a nice Thanksgiving!