On the Edge: Haircut

My hair is short, and it grows very fast. I know that short hair requires more frequent trims, but that can be expensive, plus I don't have a regular stylist right now. Typically, I just make do with my hair when it grows out and then one day it starts to drive me nuts--it is too long on my neck, it lays weird, etc--and then I want it cut immediately! Every time it grows out, however, it looks exactly the same.

I had been thinking that I wanted a new style. I was thinking maybe the trendy shaved side spiky look or maybe what I was calling "the pixiest pixie" meaning the shortest hair out there. I feel weird, though, telling a hair stylist what I want, cause what do I know about hair? I usually let them decide what they think will look best, with my one caveat being that it is short.

I went to a salon I had never been to on Friday, and was introduced to a really sweet stylist who I liked a lot. The salon was very quiet and reminded me a lot of the cute independent businesses in Mississippi. The stylist's main focus is ready-to-wear no hassle hair; hair that doesn't take long to style and looks good even if it's been under a hat. I am all for that idea. She wanted to keep my hair a little longer on my neck, and said she was giving me a Judi Dench in Casino Royale haircut. That didn't appeal to me at first, and when she was done with the cut I asked her to take more off--I like my hair short. She cut another inch and a half off and showed me a couple different ways to style it.

At first it felt like the same old same old, but as the day went on, I realized that it was very wearable. I've been spiking it up the middle, in a feminine faux hawk, which is what I was wanting anyways, and it looks good. Definitely more edgy than the typical lady hair.  Later in the day yesterday, at a make-up counter (another experiment) the woman said something like "you need a [thing I was buying] with cool hair like that." Sweet!

Outcome: Successful, but ongoing
Overall, I like it.  We'll see how it does over the next couple days. I just need to make sure I take a second in the morning to style it a little.  Plus, most of the time this season I'll be wearing a bunch of hats, so we'll see how it bounces back from that. And I'll need to maintain it a little better.