Your head will collapse, if there's nothing in it and you'll ask yourself, "Where is my mind?"

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No blog posts in a while. I've been really stressed out and overwhelmed about a lot of things.

I'm choreographing a new burlesque show that opens in February.
I've creative directed/ choreographed a video shoot we are filming this Saturday.
A friend of mine passed away this week. Cancer.
Work has been busy.
I've had 2 cricks in my neck in a week and a half and a catch in my hip. It just hurts to move.
I can't seem to get on top of my to-do list.
All my computers are breaking at home and work.

Fall is always the busiest time, and I know that. I've also been really social, which is lovely and seen a lot of friends lately. Some happy things:

I did a Breast Cancer walk with Crescent and a lot of friends on Sunday.
I've made some good dinners.
Lots of friends have been visiting from out of town.
Some great friends of mine are planning their weddings.
Some great friends are expecting babies.

So you know. I just need to deal.

We still have a TON of Hawaii photos to put online, we've just been too busy to do it! Sorry to leave off on the sexy hospital photos...expect more gorgeous Kauai pics soon.


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Oops. Had to go back and read the older entries when I got to the hospital reference here!
As a fellow (former, knock wood) kidney stone pass-er, I have to say, damn woman, those were big stones!
I'm sorry to hear about your friend. :( I hope you are feeling less overwhelmed soon. (I guess that would just be "whelmed"?)