I am feeling better today, mentally and emotionally. A lot better, actually. I am breathing easier.

I am also less sore. Neck is a little better; hip/butt pain is better; sharp kidney pain is better. None of them are gone, they are just less severe.

I am feeling better about my shoot tomorrow, too. I have 6 dancers and I think it is going to look great. It's pretty cool to me that I have no desire to be in front of the camera for this shoot--just behind it. I am happy with being the choreographer or producer. I don't need to be seen. As a performer for 25 years, I think that is a cool development.

Having been in denial until recently that we live in a cold climate most of the year, Fuzzy and I made some great recent purchases for the upcoming winter. We both bought new coats (mine a cozy soft, feminine grey peacoat that I adore), new warm hats and gloves, and shoes that aren't painful or ripped or falling apart. All good investments! Today, since it was in the 30s this morning, I put on my new coat, hat and hand warmers and not only was I toasty, I felt really pretty and confident. It was a great feeling.

I want to change my hair. Something edgy and sexy. I think I will start by coloring it, but my poor thin hair never loves taking color. The cut I have in mind right now, too, will require me to grow it out a bit and I am never a fan of that. But it might be worth it...

I haven't mentioned it here yet--I got a new tattoo. It is amazing. Very colorful, very large, very visable, on my left forearm. The amazing Esther of Butterfat Studios designed and did it, and I am just in love with it. It is a lovely companion to my shoulder birds, and it looks like it was just painted on with a brush. No pics to show yet, but soon. But if you see me out and about and think I have paint on my arm, it's a tattoo. But I didn't do it for you, I did it for me.

Pacing, balance, moderation, knowing my limits. Gotta remember these things. I'm doing just fine. :)