I Need to Talk about Project Runway for a Minute


Oh my God, Project Runway made me cry about 10 times last night! AH!
I am going to throw down some spoilers, so only read the rest of this if you've seen it.

So, Mondo--man, we've loved him since the beginning when he cried about not having any friends, and we love that he is more comfortable now and really coming into his own. His designs are all incredible and I think he is going to win the whole show. So last night's confession/embracing/freedom about being HIV positive was so awesome and emotional and heartbreaking. It reminded me a lot of Season 1 of RuPaul's Drag Race in the MAC Viva Glam challenge. Everyone was serious and somber about HIV awareness, etc, and then in came Ongina (also my favorite of that season) with her "Celebrate Life" campaign, she wins the challenge and then reveals that she is HIV positive on the runway. It really struck me in these 2 instances that both men turned something potentially tragic into something joyful a celebration of life. I think that is really powerful.


he's been my favorite too. what an amazing designer and a strong man.

I'm with you. I'm always such a sucker when the parents come on any reality show. Sobs galore. And you are absolutely right, Mondo's revelation was soooo powerful. And knowing when the moment is right to finally release something like that is so organic.

It was a gorgeous outfit, again, and he TOTALLY deserved to win it! Love this silly show and rooting for Mondo and Michael C. (just can't help rooting for the underdog, especially after his cry-fest with his son)!