Hawaii in Photos, Part 1

The un-terrible view from our hotel room
The view from our hotel room.


Fuzzy and Erica
Our first day at the beach! Sunday, Sept 12th


Palm Trees
So pretty

Erica and a fruity drink at Atlantis
My first fruity cocktail of the trip.

Fuzzy at Atlantis
What a nice ad! (That beer was $10. We didn't know that til the bill came.)

Conch shell player
This guy came out every night at sunset and blew in the shell while another guy lit the torches.

Sunset, Torches
The aforementioned torches.

Hula Ladies
We saw a hula show that night on a little stage on Waikiki beach. This woman was my favorite. She was so filled with joy that you couldn't help but smile. They also had teenagers who danced (male and female) and then little kids 4-7 years old. One song the little ones danced to was about getting married and wearing high heels and a "pedicoat that is short short short." Umm....not only was it weird that they were so tiny, but there was also a boy in the group.

Duke Kahanamoku
Duke Kahanamoku, The king of modern surfing.

Beach, North Shore Oahu, Hawaii
Beach on the North Shore of Oahu

Beach, North Shore Oahu, Hawaii
This is one of my new fave pictures ever.

Beach, North Shore Oahu, Hawaii
This is how Hawaii made me feel. I kept saying "today is my favorite day" each day we were there.

Beach, North Shore Oahu, Hawaii
Come on.

Aloha birdy!