I have a lot to say about our trip to Hawaii, but have been completely worn out this week and haven't had much energy. But I have to start somewhere, right?

Hawaii is as gorgeous as you think it might be. I don't think my eyes and my brain were ready for it. I was constantly saying "It really looks like this!" and "How is this for real?" Mountains, ocean, canyons, flowers...it really is paradise.

Fuzzy and I instantly felt at home there and a strong connection to the land. We loved it. I love the culture, the food, the beauty, everything.

We also fell in love with snorkeling. We loved it and snorkeled a lot. It felt like swimming in the tropical aquarium I have always wanted. The first time we went, Fuzzy put his mask on first, stuck his head in and popped back up right away. "It is incredible. I've already seen fish," was what he said. Amazing.

We saw a bunch of sea turtles. Some basking on the beach, some we swam with while snorkeling.

We surfed! Fuzzy was a natural. Our instructor asked me if he had surfed before because he was so good. Sadly this was the ONE TIME we didn't have a camera with us, so we have no photos. Let me tell you, though--surfing Fuzzy is ADORABLE. I liked it, too. It doesn't feel at all what you think it might feel like. You just feel like you are gliding in slow motion.

We saw a Hawaiian Monk Seal. We had seen all these signs about not disturbing but didn't actually see one until right at the end of our trip. We were at a beach and went to the car to get our gear. When we came back, there was a roped off blob on the beach (when endangered guys come to shore, they are roped off so idiots don't mess with them.) He or she was so precious!

I took a hula class! I fell in love with the artform--it seemed like a dance version of tai chi--very relaxing and zen. I took a free class, and it was hilarious and really fun. Stay tuned, there is video.

We went to the Hawaii 5-0 premiere in Waikiki on the beach! All the stars were there as well as producers, politicians, cast members from the original series, etc. The show is pretty good, too!

Ok, that is my real quick round up. As we put pics online I will post some here with commentary and more stories. Ultimately, we had a blast and I cannot wait to go back!