Vote Naked Illinois



A few weeks ago, my awesome friend Philip and I filmed a promo video for the new Illinois voting campaign, Vote Naked. We had a total blast and I love the video. Here it is! (it is safe for work)

We've been featured now all over the news and the web, including the Huffington Post, CBS Chicago and Time Out Chicago. Both Time Out and the Facebook page have some really awesome photos.

YouTube Page

Directed by Ky Dickens
Yellow Wing Productions
Edited by CJ Arellano
Camera Operator: Amanda Clifford
Sound by Ryan Logan
Produced by Ky Dickens
Sponsored by Equality Illinois, The Chicago Reader, Rock the Vote & Roosevelt University


Hee hee heee! hee hee heeeee!You and Philip were the best by far!!

You are the cutest thing EVER!