Rollin' On the River

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Seriously, this weekend was one of the most busy, fun, eventful, social, adventurous and outdoorsy weekends we've had in a long time. It was spectacular in every way.

On Saturday, we went tubing at S&B Tubing in Albany, Wisconsin. We loaded up the car with Fuzzy, Amanda, Stephanie (it was her idea, as a late Bday celebration. BEST IDEA EVER), Noah and myself and setted off for ADVENTURE! We laughed the whole way there and had lots of fun watching videos like "Miracles" by the Insane Clown Posse and "The Double Rainbow Song" by the Gregory Brothers. Which we then referenced the rest of the day.

After some breakfast and a diner, and a not-so-quick trip to Wal-Mart*, we were ready for some tubin!

S&B Tubing and Canoe

Stephanie, Amanda and Me

Fuzzy and Noah Approve!

Erica and Fuzzy
I do too!

Oh, man, it was just about the BEST thing you could ever do on a Saturday. Floating down a lazy river (and not even at a water park!) drinking beer and eating snack food? HOW COULD IT GET ANY BETTER?

Face the product!
Mmm, Half Acre.

My gorgeous husband!

Tubing down the Sugar River, WI

Tubing on the Sugar River, WI
This was kind of my natural state the whole time. Cheese, bread, and beef sticks, with a beer in my lap. Heaven. Photo by Stephanie.

We were never far from another clump of tubers


I want to go again. Like, right now.

Fuzzy blogged about it here!

* When we arrived at Wal-Mart, I said in the car, "Ok, y'all have to keep us in check. Fuzzy and I have the habit of kind of going nuts in Wal-Marts." After we all tested our feet at the Dr Scholls Orthotic Center, here is a short list of what Fuzzy and I left with:
-Beef Sticks
-2 workout tank tops (for me)
-2 workout pairs of pants (for me)
-a Lodge 16" cast iron skillet
-a small pocket knife (for Fuzzy)

Yeah. At least we didn't buy the Justin Timberlake Rolling Stone tote bag.

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This looks like so much fun! And you look great!!! I miss you!