Wilson Ball***

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So along with all the major life changes I've been making, too, I have another one right around the corner. My friend for 10 years and colleage for 4, Shannon, is moving to Eugene, Oregon in a matter of days. I am super excited for her and impressed that she is following her heart and going for it. Fortunately, she'll be keeping her job, so I'll still get to talk to her and see her from time to time, so that is great. But it does also mean that I am going to be spending a LOT of time by myself in the office. In happy news, I will have company a couple times a week in the office, so it won't be completely isolating. Especially now though, when we are in the slow time of year, it is going to present a challenge for me, so I am trying to set new goals for myself.

* I will try not to go crazy by not talking to or seeing anyone all day long.
* I will try to have lunch more often with my friends who work in Evanston.
* I am going to get more comfortable with biking and try to bike to work once or twice a week.
* I am going to try to exercise daily--either go for a run, do the Shred, do yoga (courtesy of this DVD Erin gave us for our wedding), or walk to work from time to time. Add to that dance class, boxing and DDPP, and I'll be in fitness heaven.
* I will use my downtime wisely and get projects done.
* I will eat really healthily.
* I will try to not join Facebook or Twitter.
* In my fantasy brain, I will install a heavy bag so I can practice punching on my lunch break.
* I also have these crazy plans of like, taking an online class, somehow magically decluttering my house which is impossible to do from work, suddenly becoming very zen, getting better at fashion, and generally being fabulous. I realize that these things have nothing to do with working by myself, but you know, I'm talking big picture here.

In reality, what it will probably mean is:
* I will start blogging a lot more and the world will truly see how neurotic I am.
* I will update my gchat status everytime a new thought pops into my brain (these 2 things have already started).
* I will bring Parker to work with me sometimes so I can have company.
* I will send Fuzzy 20 more emails a day.
* I will listen to music really loudly.
* I will start reading The Superficial again. Which I didn't read for a couple of years. And now I am re-hooked on. Dammit.
* I will start to claw off my face like Lou Reed in this video that traumatized me as a child (note: I did not watch this video today nor have I seen it since I was a kid. I merely googled it and then copied the link. It might not be frightening anymore, but I suspect that it still is.)

So yeah. There you have it.

***No, Melissa, I still haven't watched Castaway.

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I'm going to miss you too. I think maybe we should have daily dance parties via web cam. It's rough being in the office so much alone. I'll be thinking of you and sending lots of love. And we'll go running. We have to keep on track and inspire eachother to stay healthy!